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I design to engage people with memorable campaigns. To tell a brand's story and connect with customers in an effective and meaningful way. To make information less tiring and more accessible. To make the web less frustrating and more useful. Your brand and it's assets speak through design. I've heard that I'm really a cyborg. I think that would be awesome so I'm not going to negate it. I aspire to become a ninja.1 I'm keen on color theory/psychology, typography, gestalt, etc. and get a kick out of resizing browser windows these days. Thus far I've become proficient with HTML, CSS, jQuery, and a sizable portion of the Adobe Creative Suite Software (any version). I've also worked with PHP, CMS's like Wordpress, am captivated by (good) writing, and hold an AA in photography. If you were just thinking 'That's it, I can go no further without design!', let's talk. It's okay if you weren't, but why not tell me what you were thinking instead?

1 Source: She is me. I am she. Cogito ergo sum.

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2 Note: I'm thinking of an animated series and almost singing this. That tune is just catchy. Dorkiness inherent.